Rage Room is exactly like, yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy…….well, not exactly. You enter into a specially designed room, we provide you with your PPE (personal protective equipment), select your weapon of destruction, blast your favorite music and have a smashing good time breaking almost everything in the room to pieces (except the actual room itself). When you’re done you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up, we take care of that for you.


RM 40 / HOUR



WeekEnd & Public Holiday

RM 45 / HOUR

*Groups of 6 pax and above are require to book online to enjoy a private rage room for an hour!

*Walk-Ins available for groups below 6 pax

Group Booking
  • Only 18 years old and above!
  • Full suite of protective gear
    • coverralls
    • Vests
    • Face sheild
    • Gloves
  • Strike Weapons
    • Baseball Bats
    • CrowBars
  • Hassle free smashing! Leave the clean up to us
  • Bring your USB drivers to download strike action video