Inspired by various variety shows like Running Man, Wipeout, Super Trio Game Master (超級遊戲獎門人) and 王牌对王牌, MYBestBox brings to you Malaysia’s Largest Variety Show Game Hub. Our aim is to bring the exclusive celebrity entertainment experience to everyone.

As the largest game hub in Malaysia with more than 40 games and boasting an event space of 12,000 square feet equipped with numerous custom-made facilities, we are able to accommodate up to 500 guests at one time, providing a variety of entertainment options such as VS Hall, The Dry Pool, Party Room, Crazy Karts, Kiddy Zone, Rage Room and The Box.

Here at MYBestBox, we are also able to cater to events such as Birthday Parties, Bachelor’s Night, Surprise wedding proposal, Corporate Events, Team Building Events, Family days and more.

MYBestBox also believes in cultivating a healthy workplace by instilling core team qualities. Our games here will challenge teams to improve on teamwork, time management, problem solving, communication and facilitate team bonding. This will help strengthen your team spirit and inspire everyone to aim for success.