Start Making A Difference With Us On Earth Day!!! | MYBestBox


The history of Earth Day dates back to 1970 – the modern environmental movement.

Even though there are various types of physical exercises available to us, such as running, swimming, dancing, climbing, we often do not take that as our top priority.

Air pollution was then, blinded by “prosperity”. This is whereby the term “environment” was not yet identified as a concern. Later, the linkage between pollution and public health has been raised. The first Earth Day, in 1970, gave a conscious to the public. Participation rate was up to 20 million, together, they were reinforcing the importance of healthy, and sustainable environment.


The increased in industrial development has caused a huge disruption to the balance of nature. This has led to a great rate of extinction – all due to human activities. Such activities range from climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides, etc.

Let’s put our hands together in making a positive change to the Earth, in tackling the global warming and press for a clean energy.


Saving on Paper

A lot of us often overlook the long and strenuous processes that go behind the manufacture of a commodity as elementary as paper, and an even smaller minority know of its detrimental effects on the environment. Pulp and paper mills contribute immensely to global air, water, and land pollution. We can greatly improve this statistic by making simple changes in our everyday lives. Rely more on digital media rather than traditional paper print or WHEN printing is necessary, print on BOTH sides of your paper.

Saving on Water


Water is wasted much more frequently than we may think. Have you ever allowed the faucet to run while brushing your teeth? Ran the dishwasher or washing machine with only half its intended laundry load or dish capacity? Or perhaps using the toilet to flush down a feminine product or just that one rogue tissue? If you do any one of these, you have probably already wasted TOO MUCH water and money out of your own pocket so there is no matter time than now to that one slight amendment to the way you consume water at home.

Say NO to plastics

Where do you think your used plastic goes? Back to the landfill or burned!! And what effect does that leave us? Emission of toxic gases!! Let us use the 5 Rs to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution:

  • Reduce your usage of plastic;
  • Reuse, be it shopping bags, coffee cups, straws, plastic bottles, etc..
  • Refuse when plausible, think twice if it is really necessary, for example, without straws, will your drinks actually spill?
  • Remove when you witness. See trash in your neighbourhood, parks or beaches? You know what to do! 😉
  • Recycle when you no longer need them (recycling bin/ bringing back to the store for yourself/ stores to reuse)

Saving on Electricity


Do you know that 10% of your electricity expenses are subjected to the electricity that is not even in use? Don’t forget to unplug all tools and appliances when not in use. On top of that, you can always switch your light bulbs to a more energy efficient light bulb, and also lower the temperature of your water heater whenever possible (Malaysia is hot 24/7 anyway~) The above would grant you lower electricity expenses in the future 🙂.

Practice Carpooling

Perhaps you could try carpooling with your colleagues? Save on the fuel, with increasing life satisfaction with enhancing a stronger bond with the company.


Do not dwell on how these changes makes your life more cumbersome, a little at a time would aid in making a huge difference. Not just for your wallet, but for the Earth. Let’s put our hands together and START TODAY!